It’s a busy September at ATL

Written by David Jones

Aug 11, 2022

August 11, 2022

It’s going to be a busy September for ATL with multiple events taking place during the month and pre-production for the meetings in October and November.


Multiple Sclerosis

We run two back-to-back MS meetings each year which have quickly become the leading Consultant only and Nurse-only events in the UK. We reached room capacity for the Nurses meeting a couple of weeks ago and are running a waitlist for additional attendees. The consultants meeting has a few places, but these will quickly be snapped up when our good friends at the Lancet promote the event on their twitter feeds and e-mail shots. 


For both meetings it’s a unique opportunity to meet the leading researchers, scientists and thought leaders in the disease area and in attendance at the Consultants gathering will be experts such as Gavin Giovannoni, Klaus Schmierer, Jiwon Oh, William Carroll, Ruth Dobson, Anthony Feinstein, Charlotte Teunissen and Sergio Baranzini. For the Nurses, the keynote lecture is presented by Dr Lauren Krupp from New New York and other contributors will include Evangeline Wassmer, Stephen Sawcer, Martin Duddy, Kate Petheram and David Paling. We’ll be live blogging and tweeting from the meetings so stay tuned for exclusive updates and content.


Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits (CDNATL)

After a three-year Covid hiatus we’re back in Brazil in September with the LATAM CDNATL meeting. Local Chairs Andrei Sposito and Otavio Coelho are joined by UK colleagues Derek Yellon, John Cunningham and Stephanie Baldeweg to welcome a host of LATAM and global experts to address a personally invited group of experts from across the continent. 


We’re working hard to bring down the carbon footprint of all of our meetings and this event is no different, with a number of the speakers contributing remotely.  We’re pleased to be able to maintain the unique basis of the event, bringing HCPs together with leading global experts in a small private academic environment and act in an environmentally friendly way with all comms. electronic and onsite materials recyclable.


Finally, we’re also running a CAR-T roadshow for one of our UK Pharma customers, bringing much needed education about the CAR-T patient pathway to an ever-wider group of Haematologists and associated UK HCP’s.


We hope you can join us at one or more of the events in the final part of 2022, and we look forward to seeing you onsite. Remember you can register here

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