About At the Limits



We enable the maximum number of HCP’s to experience the very highest quality medical education, whilst enabling our supporters to build the relationships with the expert medical community that are essential to the future development of radical healthcare solutions

Our story


In the late 1990’s, a chance meeting led to the creation of the original Cardiology at the Limits meeting which took place at the University of Cape Town, the location of the world’s first heart transplant. The event soon grew to add Diabetes and then Nephrology to the programme and as well as European delegates we welcomed a sub-saharan audience. Years later our events run in multiple disease areas across the globe with guests from dozens of countries. The science is always of the very highest standard and At the Limits events are acknowledged as some of the most highly regarded in medical education.



From the first Cardiology at the Limits meeting in Cape Town in the 1990s our ethos has been to make the highest quality medical education available to the widest possible audience. The first meetings in Africa always included a delegation of sub-Saharan healthcare professionals for whom this type of medical education initiative had always been out of reach.

The funding we raised from our Pharma supporters in Europe and Asia was not only used for delegates from the northern hemisphere, but also those from the less affluent African countries. When we started to hold meetings in Europe, we continued this approach by bringing delegations of African doctors to the events in the UK.

Now that electronic communications are so much better than they were in the 90s, particularly in Africa we make all of the presentations available online a few days after each event meaning that edge medical education can be enjoyed and used around the world irrespective of country or continent.

Academic partners

We partner with leading institutions from across the globe. Led by our long running relationship with UCL and UCT, but now including the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in the US, UNICAMP; LATAM’s leading university, Juntendo University in Tokyo and many others. Our publishing partner is no less esteemed – from the early days of Cardiology at the Limits we have been proud to be endorsed and supported by The Lancet medical journal and it’s Editor-in-Chief Dr Richard Horton. Each speciality magazine in the Lancet portfolio additionally supports our various meetings including The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, The Lancet Oncology, The Lancet Neurology and eClinicalMedicine. We welcome representatives of the journals to the events and include Lancet selected lectures at each meeting.


At the Limits is regularly audited by independent compliance experts to ensure our operations, communications and services are well within the ABPI code, GDPR, and all relevant country regulations.


Having worked closely with hundreds of the world’s leading academics and healthcare professionals over 25 years, we have a reputation for being a trustworthy, reliable, and supportive team to work with. Speakers know when they are invited to address an At the Limits meeting their experience will be expertly managed, and this high quality reflects upon the Pharma companies working with us to support the meeting.

Cost Effective

Compared to an in-house promotional meeting, supporting At the Limits requires minimal commitment of time and resources. Every aspect of the meeting is independently organised by the highly experienced ATL team.


Quite correctly, businesses such as ours are expected to operate in the most sustainable way. In short, meetings are based around human interaction and personal contact between healthcare professionals from around the globe and we do all we can to avoid remote meetings. However, it’s clear that simply flying hundreds of delegates across the world, as we did in the past, is an exceptionally unsustainable way of maintaining this high level of education.


With that in mind we have broken away from our original model of global meetings, to be far more continental in our approach. Whether in North or South America, Africa, Europe or Asia our meetings are now run around regional hubs where we can bring like-minded delegates and speakers together in a cost effective and more environmentally friendly way. We also stream some speakers to each of these regional meetings, meaning that our faculty do not have to travel to the same extent that they once did, and further reducing our carbon footprint. But it’s not just about the obvious things like air travel, we  monitor our other service providers including hotels and venues to ensure that they are making extra steps to help us make our event sustainable. Then of course we make the efforts ourselves, right down to the small things like minimising paper use and recycling printer cartridges. We believe that the sustainable mindset is one which needs to permeate through our entire organisation.

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