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Why choose At the Limits?

Proven - For over 25 years

ATL events have been leading medical education across the globe for nearly three decades. In multiple disease areas our events have become ‘must attend’ gatherings for the expert community.

Leading edge

Our Chairs and Scientific Committees are asked to create programmes at the leading edge of scientific research and clinical application, designed to educate, motivate and inspire.

Collaboration & partnership

We aim to help build the essential bonds between industry and the expert community by creating events which enable senior medical staff to forge new relationships with HCPs in a private academic environment, free from product or marketing influence.

About us

‘At the Limits’ has been leading medical education for over 25 years with events in multiple disease areas across the globe.  

Join the thousands of clinicians, specialists, academics, scientists, nurses & researchers who have met face-to-face in inspiring and stimulating academic environments to experience presentations, discussions and debate with the world’s leading researchers, scientists, and clinicians. Meetings take place throughout the year, including upcoming events in London, Tokyo, São Paulo and other major international destinations. The academically independent meetings are funded by industry and we encourage industry partners to attend with a delegation of senior medical personnel to build and maintain the relationships between medicine and industry which are so essential for the development and understanding of successful patient care.

Exclusive events

ATL events are held in multiple disease areas including Cardio-Diabetes, Oncology, Nephrology, MS and Cell Therapy. With new events planned for 2023 & 2024 the scope of our international programmes will widen as we bring the highest quality medical education to new groups of HCP’s across the globe.

Exclusive IME events in Europe, Asia, Africa

and beyond

Events take place across the globe including North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Far East. We bring the highest quality medical education to HCP’s through in-person regional meetings, reducing the carbon footprint and helping achieve sustainability.

Open Dialogue


Open Dialogue is the all-new med-ed hub from At the Limits. Featuring live webcasts, interviews, and presentations from a host of the world’s leading researchers, scientists, and clinicians, the hub includes hundreds of hours of archive material alongside the newest and most recent content. The full multimedia of selected presentations are available immediately following live events, and the material is supplemented by exclusive interviews and discussions with our expert speakers.

Interested in becoming a funder?

Our events are funded by industry. Supporters have no influence or input into the choice of topics, speakers, locations or any other aspect of our meetings.

Compliance with all relevant country codes is a core aspect of our meetings ensuring that the HCP and industry communities can participate with confidence in the independence of the meetings. To become a funding partner contact or fill out the form at the foot of the page.

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We work with multiple pharma supporters in various ways depending on their internal compliance requirements. Each event has multiple support levels and we would be pleased to share a sponsor prospectus with you. Simply fill out the form and we'll reply straight back to you.