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Written by David Jones

Jan 9, 2023

January 9, 2023

At the end of last year, I mentioned that our Med-Ed hub, www.opendialogue.health was being launched with a full set of presentations from our 2022 events. Looking at the release of new material in 2023 we’ll average one publication per week consisting of up to 5 new webcasts and podcasts.

Starting in February, and then at 6pm São Paulo time on the first Tuesday of each month we’ll live-stream our Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology (CDN) LATAM interviews hosted by Professor Andrei Sposito. Andrei will be in conversation with a host of world-renowned specialists who will discuss their latest findings for the benefit of the South American audience.

Over 50 presentations during the year

In March the inaugural Breast Cancer at the Limits meeting will feature speakers from across the globe addressing the challenges Oncologists are facing post-COVID. We’ll make all of the presentations available during the summer.

In early April the annual CDN London meeting takes place at the Royal College of Physicians, and we’ll make selected presentations available during the weeks following the event. Amongst the 15 speakers will be Professors Dariush Mozaffarian, Alan Sinclair, David Cherney and George Bakris whose presentations we’ll feature along with podcasts of exclusive interviews.

In June the annual Cell Therapy at the Limits meeting takes place, and we’ll replay multiple presentations across the summer and into Q3. Perfect podcast listening while sitting around the pool on holiday.

A busy end to the year

After the Summer break things really get busy with Multiple Sclerosis at the Limits taking place in the UK and LATAM, MS Nurses in the UK, CDN in Tokyo and São Paulo, and the annual Hatter Institute Horizon meetings taking place in London.


We’ll be streaming multiple presentations, interviews, podcasts, and exclusive content from each meeting so be sure to register at www.opendialogue.health to receive notifications each time new material is published.


Of course, If you’re interested in experiencing the live meetings (they’re all free to attend), register now at the live event website www.atthelimits.org.


In our 25th year we look forward to providing you with the highest quality medical education, lively discussion and debate, and coverage of the latest trends in these multiple disease areas.

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