Friday, 10 January – Saturday, 11 January 2020

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Pregnancy guidelines for women with MS.
Dr Ruth Dobson
Imperial College London, London, UK

Improving symptoms and QoL for people with chronic bowel conditions.
Professor Christine Norton
Kings College Hospital, London

Managing PML risk in patients treated with Natalizumab.
Dr Paul Molxneux
Addenbrookes Hospital and the West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust

Social economic issues affecting MS patients and professionals.
Dr Helen Ford
Leeds Teaching Hospital

Monitoring prognostic indicators in MS.
Professor Neil Robertson
University Hospital of Wales

Sleep apnoea – whom should I refer for assessment?
Dr Gordon Mazibrada
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

When and how to approach advanced care planning?
Dr Lorraine Petersen
Arthur Rank Hospice

Dr David Rog
Salford Royal Hospital

An update on all current research in MS.
Dr Martin Duddy
The Royal Victoria Infirmary

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